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Welcome to the Malcasa Point Chamber of Commerce Home Page!

The Malcasa Point Chamber of Commerce welcomes you! On this Website you will find everything you need to know to make your trip to our city a memorable one. As the days roll by, we will be adding to this site, updating information on seasonal events and important goings on. We may even post some of the letters we get! Right now, though, we are still getting up and running, so the information is kind of spotty since I'm inputting much of it off the top of my head. Join our e-mail list and we'll keep you posted of updates!

The Website is divided into ten sections:

History: How was our wonderful city established?

Food: Great places around town to get a bite

Lodging: Information on where you can stay during your visit

Entertainment: There's more to do in Malcasa Point than you might be aware of! Includes up-to-the-minute movie showtimes!

The Beast House: All you want to know about the famous house, its history, and the Beast House Tour

Mayor's office: A message from the top man himself

More Information: Information on books, videos, audio tapes, and Websites where you can learn more

Talk to us!: Send a message to the Malcasa Point Chamber of Commerce!

Explore the site and have a good time. We'll see you soon!

Special thanks to Officer Sam Smith for his research help.
Thanks Sam! You should write a book!

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